Piers Morgan in brutal swipe towards 'surprisingly popular' GMB co-star Charlotte Hawkins


Piers Morgan, 55, recently appeared on his Good Morning Britain colleague Charlotte Hawkins’ podcast and admitted he was shocked at how popular she was. The joke was all in jest of course, as she quizzed him on what it’s like to be the nation’s most controversial presenter.

“One of the most common questions I always get asked is, ‘What is it like working with Piers Morgan,'” she said.

“So I wanted to ask you, what on Earth is it like actually being Piers Morgan?”

Piers cackled as he replied: “It’s good fun!

“Mainly because I never get asked what it’s like working with you.”

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Charlotte revealed that she gets viewers in the supermarket asking her to “give him a slap” from them.

“That would be violence in the workplace and you would frogmarched out of the door,” Piers retorted.

Away from what viewers think of him, the controversial ITV host moved on to talk about his on-air team.

“I think we’re a very good team, we all have a heathy respect for each other but we love winding each other up and that’s the perfect kind of workplace,” he smiled.


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