Peter Phillips appeared to 'glare' at Prince Andrew during Philip's funeral procession

Philip’s funeral took place on Saturday afternoon where 30 close family members gathered to pay their final respects. The Duke of Edinburgh had served the Queen, country and Commonwealth for more than 70 years. While members of the public were unable to attend the funeral due to coronavirus restrictions, millions got the chance to watch every detail at home.

Thousands of pictures and video clips of the day have since flooded the internet.

One salient image captured was just moments before Philip’s procession began.

Senior most members of the Firm gathered in under a coveted archway just behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral car, a modified Land Rover he designed himself.

Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, was placed between brothers Princes Harry and Prince William, a widely reported on set-up of the funeral.

In one picture, Peter appears to be glaring towards Prince Andrew, who stands in front of him to his right.

Andrew is Peter’s uncle, but little is known about the pair’s personal relationship behind closed doors.

The second youngest child of the Queen and Philip, Andrew has in recent years reclined from fulfilling public royal duties.

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His current rank is Vice-Admiral, not Admiral, the Navy’s highest rank which Philip achieved through being honoured with the title of Admiral of the Fleet.

Among the others who trailed the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral car included Prince Charles and Anne, Prince Edward, William and Harry.

The funeral took place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

There was no eulogy or sermon, on his request.

It was instead heavily military-oriented, a nod to his time in the Royal Navy.

He was interred in the Royal Vault.

This is underneath the Quire of St George’s Chapel, where around 44 royals are buried, including Henry VIII, who died in 1547, and Charles I, who was beheaded in 1649.

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