'Pack it in!' Meghan and Harry attacked over wedding as Piers Morgan's scepticism defended

Commentator Darren Grimes questioned the validity of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s claims during their Oprah interview. While speaking on his Reasoned Youtube Channel, he said the Archbishop of Canterbury has rubbished their claim about getting married before the big celebration. He argued the revelation shows the couple were caught, which could tarnish other claims they made.

Mr Grimes also reflected on the former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan losing his job for saying he did not believe the couple.

Mr Grimes said: “The Bishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has told the Italian press that this simply isn’t the case.

“He would have committed a serious criminal offence, had he signed a wedding certificate knowing it was false.

“Many have pointed out that weddings require two witnesses.

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“Prince Harry was singing away there saying just the three of us.

“Harry, pack it in you cringe-worthy sod.

“Ceremonies require a licenced venue as well, so you couldn’t just do it in their backyard.

“You simply cannot be married twice, in a nutshell, it would have all been illegal.”

“Glossed and varnished just to get those headlines, views and clicks and deals and trinkets.

“It does call into question things, then you sort of think about figures like Piers Morgan who immediately came out and said he was sceptical and dubious about many of these claims who ultimately ended up losing his job.

“Sharon Osbourne who also lost her job for asking what Piers Morgan said was racist.”

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