Oh dear! Lib Dem MP red-faced as BBC host forces her to admit HUGE Brexit error


Host Sally Nugent told her: “You lost the last election on the back of a ‘Stop Brexit’ slogan.

“Do you think the party has learned from its mistakes?”

Ms Moran replied: “I think we are learning.

“What Ed Davey has said very clearly is that we are now continuing to listen.”

Rather than attempt to stop Brexit, she admited the party’s aim was now simply to secure a close relationship with the EU – a major U-turn. 

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She continued: “We will always be pro-European, we are an internationalist party.

“That’s the point I’m making in my speech today, it’s a core part of our DNA.

“But we also recognise where we are now, and where we are now is a country that is not just leaving the EU but potentially leaving with no deal.

“That was not promised to anyone, and it’s in no one’s interests.”

The Liberal Democrats suffered a huge loss in December 2019.

Although their net loss was of only one seat, it was their then-leader, Jo Swinson, that got the boot.

Ms Swinson, who had only led the party from July of that year, lost her seat to the SNP.

This disqualified her from continuing as party leader.

Sir Ed defeated Ms Moran in a 2020 leadership election to become the head of the Lib Dems.


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