Oh dear, Diane! Abbott blunder as MP still listed as Shadow Home Secretary on her website

The Labour MP, famous for making errors and outlandish statements, also misspelt Parliamentary on her website. It was still live today (Saturday) – more than a year after the MP for Hackney stood down after Sir Keir Starmer replaced veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

The contact page of her website reads: “Parlimentary (sic) Enquiries.

“For specific enquiries regarding Diane Abbott’s position as Shadow Home Secretary, please contact her Political Advisor Michael Burke.”

Express.co.uk’s revelations about Ms Abbott, who once said “white people love playing divide and rule”, are the latest in a string of errors the hard-left MP has made.

In 2008 she told Andrew Neil on BBC show This Week “I suppose that some people would judge that on balance Mao did more good than harm. We can’t say that about the Nazis.”

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Two years later she was accused of playing the “race card” after she defended sending her son James to a £10,000-a-year school claiming: ‘West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.”

And during her spell as Shadow Chancellor, she famously said it would cost just £300,000 to hire 10,000 more police officers over four years – a grand total of £30 for each.

The same year she also wrongly claimed that 16-year-olds can fight for their country and should therefore be able to vote.

During the same election campaign she refused four times to say she regretted past support of the IRA, adding: “It was 34 years ago, I had a rather splendid afro at the time. I don’t have the same hairstyle and I don’t have the same views.”

Ms Abbott stepped down last February before Mr Corbyn’s successor had the chance to sack her.

At the time, the close Corbyn ally said that she would not serve on the frontbench under the party’s next leader – irrespective of who won.

Announcing her departure, she said; “I will be stepping down because I think that the new leader, whether it’s Becky (Long-Bailey), whether it’s Lisa (Nandy), whether it’s Keir (Starmer), they have to be able to construct their own shadow cabinet.

“I was a backbencher for a few years and there’s an awful lot to do on the backbenches.”

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