Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘obsession’ with hard Scottish border will cost thousands of jobs

An analysis by the Scottish Conservatives suggested that in the case of the border between England and Scotland, around 545,000 Scottish jobs which trade with the UK would be put at risk. Nicola Sturgeon has been met with harsh criticism as she flounders to explain how trade routes could be kept open in the case that Scotland leaves the UK to rejoin the EU.

Tory MSP, Oliver Mundell told The Telegraph: “The SNP’s lack of any meaningful information in the event of breaking up Britain would be laughable were it not so serious.”

The analysis by the Scottish Tories added that only around 740 staff would be needed for a border force.

Back in April, Emma Harper, an SNP MSP claimed a hard border would create jobs, but Mr Bundell disagreed.

“This senior SNP politician claims that a border would create jobs when it would do the very opposite – and on a monumental scale,” said Mr Bundell.

“For every job created by Nicola Sturgeon’s border force, hundreds more would be put at risk due to the disruption to trade and business uncertainty.

“This is the terrifying reality of the SNP’s destructive obsession.”

The comments come just four days before the Scottish Parliament election which has been described as the most important in Scotland’s history.

Current polls indicate there will be a majority of parties backing Scottish independence at Holyrood.

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“Polls will fluctuate, but if there is a lesson for Yes supporters and the independence movement it’s that we can’t take support for granted, we can’t assume that we’ve done all the work and it’s just a case now of engineering our way to independence.”

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