Nicholas Witchell backlash over 'unflattering' royal obituary before BBC bias row erupted

During the occasion, attention was drawn to siblings Prince Harry and Prince William, as reports of a rift between the two continue to dominate royal discussion.

Harry last month spoke openly about the difficulties he faced within the Firm, including that he felt William and his father Charles had become “trapped” inside the monarchy.

The funeral marked the first time Harry was publicly seen with his brother since his remarks, and following the ceremony the pair were seen chatting with one another as they made their way back to Windsor Castle.

But the remarks Mr Witchell made surrounding their relationship caused a wave of outrage on Twitter, with viewers questioning the broadcaster’s “impartiality” and why he felt the need to “gossip” on a day of reflection for Royal Family members.

In a BBC piece, Mr Witchell claimed that William “seemed a little reluctant to engage” in conversation with Harry, claiming: “There is a rift.

“It is a distraction nobody would have wanted on a solemn occasion such as this and certainly not their grieving grandmother.

“William feels let down and Harry appears to feel resentful. He is also very caught up in the lifestyle and attitudes of California.

“So what impact, one wonders, will this brief but intense re-immersion in his old life have had on Harry?”

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“Charles’s distaste dates from Witchell’s unflattering obituary (in February 2002) about Princess Margaret.

“The BBC will not give in to Palace pressure to remove him.”

These remarks were made in 2015, at a time when William was said to have refused to speak to Mr Witchell following the birth of his second child Princess Charlotte.

During a pre-recorded tribute for Margaret, Mr Witchell discussed the Queen’s sister and her life, with one commentator noting he also “forensically described Margaret’s ‘copious’ consumption of whisky”.

More recently, however, Mr Witchell was back under the microscope as incensed viewers turned on the journalist over his analysis of Prince Harry.

One wrote: “Are BBC Royal Correspondents not subject to the same impartiality guidelines as other BBC journalists?

“If they are, can someone please explain how Nicholas Witchell seems to constantly get away with spouting heavily biased drivel?”

Another said: “If Prince Harry was in any doubt about whether he has done the right thing for him and his family he need only watch Witchell’s dire judgemental monologue.”

A third concluded: “But, I would say that the 10 o’clock news is for reporting the day’s news.

“It’s not a platform for Witchell to espouse his theories and speculations. It was a very poor move to start ‘gossiping’ after such a sad day.”

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