Neighbours spoilers: Nicolette Stone destroys the Brennan family in tragic death twist?

Viewers in the UK are yet to discover what Fay has planned but if she is willing to offer Nicolette a place in her will, the expectant mother might have everything she wanted.

Speaking exclusively with, the actress who plays Fay, Zoe, has addressed why her character wants the troublemaker to be so involved with the family.

The soap star said: “She wants Nicolette because Nicolette has been a nurse and she wants her to look after the logistics because she needs quite a lot of caring at this stage.

“She’s wheelchair-bound, she doesn’t eat, she has to be fed through a peg and she doesn’t want her children caring for her and she wants to spend quality time with them.

“Poor Chloe, Chloe just wants to be there and to help so there’s a little bit of tension that comes up.”

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