NCIS LA’s Harley Hidoko star teases possible return from the dead: ’There are loopholes!’

“For me reading it, it was – I just thought it was so smart,” Bordeaux said upon reading the script for Run the World for the first time.

“I think that the way that the show explores (those challenges) at least for Ella [her character] was so relatable to me.

“I had recently gone through something a couple of years before, where I felt like the ground, it collapsed beneath my feet. And I didn’t know where I was or where I was landing, and you just kind of figure it out. 

“And so the way that the show explores that it explores, you know, all the other topics (like) the sexism, the ageism and racism, and it does it in such a light and funny way. It’s so honest.”

NCIS: Los Angeles continues Sundays on CBS in the USA.
Run the World premieres on Starz on May 16.

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