Nadia Sawalha feels 'unnerved' by cancel culture after ‘unsettling’ family conversation

Nadia Sawalha, 56, has revealed she has concerns about cancel culture while preparing to address the subject on her and husband Mark Adderley’s podcast, Confessions of a Modern Parent. The Loose Women panellist admitted she felt “unsettled” over the issue following a conversation with her daughters, Kiki, 13, and Maddy, 18.

Cancel culture involves someone being ostracised from social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person. 

Those who are thrust out of the circle are then said to have been “cancelled”. 

Nadia addressed her feelings about the phenomenon in view of her 381,000 Instagram followers this afternoon.

The actress explained: “We are recording our Confessions of a Modern Parent tomorrow.

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The mum-of-two didn’t share further details about what was said during her conversation with her daughters.

Nadia’s former ITV colleague Piers Morgan, 55, has also been vocal about cancel culture recently.

The outspoken journalist left his role on Good Morning Britain this month after facing fierce backlash over his comments about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers recently aired his views on the subject while weighing in on a possible candidate who could replace him.

The star made the joke on his Instagram account, where he shared the front page of the Sunday Sport with his 1.6 million followers.

The presenter responded to the paper’s headline “Roland Rat to replace Piers on GMB”.

He wrote: “Not such a mad idea… Roland was a massive ratings success & likes to speak his mind.

“He’d also be immune to the cancel culture mob because he could cry ‘ANIMAL CRUELTY!’ if any of the wokies came for him..”

Roland Rat was best known in the 1980s as a puppet character voiced by David Claridge.

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