Mystery brain illness similar to Mad Cow Disease kills five in Canada– 43 cases reported

Health officials have reported 43 cases of the illness in the New Bruswick province.

The unknown condition is believed to have links to mad cow disease.

The neurological condition is understood to have similarities to a rare and fatal brain disorder known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Canadian network CBC, reports.

Yvon Godin, the mayor of Bertrand, a village in New Bruswick, said residents were “very worried” about the disease.

He said people were speculating that it could be linked to local animal products.

Mayor Godin said: ‘Residents are anxious, they’re asking ‘Is it moose meat? Is it deer? Is it contagious?’

“We need to know, as fast as possible, what is causing this disease.”

This is a developing news story, more to follow.

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