Moment Arlene Foster bursts into song at press conference 'I'll be on Masked Singer!'

Arlene Foster had members of the press and colleagues in stitches as she suddenly began to sing as she took questions during the summit’s press conference. Ms Foster launched in a rendition of That’s Life by Frank Sinatra as she was asked about her experience at her last major meeting of the British-Irish Summit before her resignation comes into effect at the end of the month. Done with her brief performance, Northern Ireland First Minister jokingly suggested she could be “on The Masked Singer.”

Ms Foster said: “We’ve had a very good meeting. The British-Irish council, the value of it is we’re all equals, that brings a balance.

“All of the administrations share their experiences and we all listen and engage around all of that.

“I’m very pleased that everyone is here. That’s life, that’s what all the people say, you’re riding high in April, you’re down in May. Is that enough?”

The singing prompted Ms Foster’s deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill to say: “Now we know what Arlene’s next move is.”

Ms Foster replied: “Yes, The Masked Singer.”

More to follow…

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