Melania Trump is revamping the White House – interior pictures of FLOTUS new additions


Melania is planning to renovate the White House Rose Garden. It’s a big move for the First Lady, as the garden has historical significance.

The First Lady is adding new flowers and shrubs, as well as preparing the garden to be better equipped for TV appearances.

This seems to be a strategy to boost her husband’s campaign, as well as to tidy up and modernise the property.

Donald Trump has used the ground to announce actions in front of the media.

This has been known as the “Rose Garden Strategy’ since 1996 when it was coined in the Los Angeles Times.

It means relying on the grandeur of the White House and ceremony of making speeches to gain publicity and boost ratings.

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In fact, the former model has made many more changes.

Melania created an all new rug for the Diplomatic Reception Room, one of the most impressive rooms in the house designed specifically to receive important guests.

The previous rug was very old, a path had been worn in the rug where many visitors had tread.

Melania designed a new rug with the new flowers of all 50 states included, as well as reupholstering the chairs in the room.

Melania took her hand to the Green Room, currently used as a parlour in the house, where she had a smart money saving idea.

The First Lady turned the curtains inside out in the room to give it a new look.

In the Red Room Melania replaced the red fabric wall, which had become faded by the sun.

The First Lady also restored the original wood lane in the White House’s basement bowling alley before hosting children there for part of her best campaign.

But it’s not just restoration.

Melania has made new additions including a tennis pavilion, a sport the President is keen on.

Cedric Stewart, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Capital Properties told “Tennis is a popular sport, more so in elite circles, so the chances of a future presidential family using this are pretty high.

“And it’s much easier to install than a golf course!”


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