Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told 'stop taking taxpayer money' as they face cash crisis

Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, stepped down as senior royals in March and have since moved to LA with their son, Archie Harrison. But since the release of their unofficial biography, Finding Freedom, which quotes their “inner circle”, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have received criticism from royal commentators who have said they should not receive any public funds. Commentator Tom Harwood explained it is “extraordinary” that the couple still get any funding from the public.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Mr Harwood said: “I find it extraordinary that they’re still getting any money from the British taxpayer at all.

“They have severed ties with the Royal Family, they’ve stopped doing public duties which is what they get money for in the first place.

“They even abandoned any sort of Commonwealth country. Any country where the crown holds some sort of significance to skip off to California.

“Fine, if they want to be private citizens, they can be private citizens. But they should rescind their title, stop taking taxpayer money and they should go live like the Hollywood celebrities they so desperately and clearly want to live like.”

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Economist Grace Blakely added: “I like them from what I’ve seen of them but I find it astonishing that not only Harry and Meghan are still receiving public funds but that we have a royal family that is paid for with public funds at all. That is a relic of the past.”

Host Dan Wootton asked: “Get rid of the Queen after nine decades of service, is that what you’re saying?”

Ms Blakely continued: “There are people starving and dealing with all sorts of desperate issues, why are we still spending money on the Queen?

“I’m sure the Queen has enough assets to survive on.”

While some media commentators have alleged collusion between the Sussexes and the book’s authors, a spokesman for Harry and Meghan has said the couple did not contribute.

Finding Freedom also details the drama leading up to Meghan’s wedding to Harry, when it was revealed that Mr Markle was paid for helping to set up paparazzi photos of himself near his Mexico home.

Mr Markle responded by saying his daughter was not above colluding with the media in the same way and that she had arranged paparazzi shots while acting in TV drama Suits before she met Harry.

“Apparently Meghan has made deals with the paparazzi. She planned it,” Mr Markle told The Sun, which stressed it did not pay him for the brief interview.


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