Meghan Markle and Prince Harry dealt blow as couple 'dive bomb' in Britons' estimations

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s popularity ratings continue to plummet, with new polling showing their favourability has dropped to a new low. A YouGov poll published on Tuesday found that almost half of Britons view the Duke negatively, while more than 60 percent have a negative view of the Duchess.

The poll, which quizzed 1,730 UK adults from April 21-22, found 49 percent of Britons now regard Harry negatively, giving him a net score of -6.

This is a further drop from March 11-12, when attitudes towards the Duke turned negative for the first time.

Just 43 percent viewed Harry positively, down from 45 percent the previous month.

Meghan’s scores have also plunged, with just 29 percent having a positive view of the Duchess.

A whopping 61 percent view her negatively, up from 58 percent.

This means she has a net rating of -32, down from -14 earlier in the month.

Both Meghan and Harry have lower popularity ratings than they did after their interview with Oprah Winfrey first aired in March.

Commenting on the latest polling, the Telegraph’s royal expert Camilla Tominey said the drop in popularity is due to the fallout from their tell-all chat.

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Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge also saw improved ratings.

Eighty percent of respondents viewed the Duke in a positive light, up from 76 percent in the previous month.

Kate’s popularity soared from 73 to 76 percent.

The Queen’s ratings also saw a sharp uptick, with 85 percent viewing her positively, up from 80 percent.

Just nine percent viewed the monarch negatively, down from 14 percent.

Commenting on the shift in ratings for many Royal Family members, Ms Tominey said: “What this tells us is that people generally prefer royals who appear to serve the public rather than themselves.

“When the Wessexes spoke out, the perception was they were doing it for Queen and country.

“When Harry and Meghan unburdened themselves on Oprah, it looked like they were doing it for the Royal Bank of Sussex.”

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