Meghan Markle and Harry deprived Queen of 'one of greatest joys in her life' with Megxit


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in January announced they had decided to take a step back from Royal Family life to establish themselves as financially independent and to give their son Archie a more “normal” childhood. But the decision to take their one-year-old son all the way across the Atlantic is expected to have an impact on one of the Queen’s most beloved pastimes. Speaking to Channel 5 documentary ‘The Queen and Charles – Mother and Son’, Katie Nicholl noted one of Her Majesty’s “joys in her life” is spending time with both her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Ms Nicholl noted Her Majesty had not been able to fully enjoy motherhood, especially with her two eldest children, because of the requirements of the Crown.

She said: “The Queen has always been there for William and Harry.

“She has an incredibly close relationship with them as she does with all of grandchildren and her great-grandchildren.

“One of the greatest joys and source of pleasure in her life now are spending time with her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren.”

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She added: “It’s something she didn’t get to do perhaps as much as she would have liked when she was a mother because she was busy being Queen.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were due to visit the Queen with Archie at Balmoral during the summer break but they are expected to shelve their travel plans because of the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite their decision to relocate to Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan have kept in touch with the Queen and made sure to put in a phonecall to wish her happy birthday on her 94th birthday in April. 

While Meghan, Harry and Archie will not be able to reunite with the Royal Family in Scotland, Her Majesty will still be able to spend some quality time with her relatives after months spent shielding in Windsor with the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Royal expert Roya Nikkhah said: “They normally go to Balmoral in July but it will be very different.

“No members of the family who are going to visit will be staying inside the castle.

“All activities will be outdoors, so there will be riding and shooting and fishing.

“Normal stuff at Balmoral but all will be outside.”


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