Meghan and Harry's 'united front': 'Bewilderment' from the Duchess in Oprah bombshell

Meghan’s first interview since stepping back from her royal role with Prince Harry aired in the US overnight – and is set to be shown tonight at 9pm on ITV. During the solo interview, with a brief appearance from Harry, the Duchess of Sussex spoke about her experience in the Royal Family.

The expert explained: “The shocks were verbal rather than visual from Meghan, who used subtle body language rituals to underplay the drama of her words rather than add  any unnecessary embellishments. 

“There were side-to-side head shakes to suggest a sense of bewilderment at her treatment during her time in the UK and some slow blink cut-offs to suggest painful memories and emotions.

“During the trailers Harry had been seen looking like the surrendered male, sitting awkwardly while Meghan placed a reassuring hand over his, but watching the entire interview showed that was not going to be the case at all.”

When Prince Harry joined Meghan to chat further with Oprah, Judi shared how the couple looked stronger than ever before. 

Judi added: “The bonding rituals between the couple looked even stronger than before, showing a strongly united front. 

“They also swapped roles slightly, with Meghan’s hand on top of Harry’s at the start of his section but his on top of hers in a gesture of protection by the end. 

“Their hand clasps involved meshed fingers to create even more intimacy and we could see some thumb-rubbing going on inside the clasp to form a loving tie-sign.”

The couple stepped down from their royal duties last year, and it was announced last month that they would not be returning as working members of the Royal Family. 

In the chat with the famous chat show host, Harry revealed that his father Charles stopped taking his calls and that his family cut him off in the first quarter of last year.

What did Judi think of Harry’s body language in the bombshell interview?

She said: “Harry’s body language suggested a range of emotions including anger, bewilderment at the behaviour of his family and he even looked close to tears at one point.

“But his desire to speak looked strong and authentic and at one point he even touched Meghan on the hand to let her know he wanted to take over the conversation and share his voice and experiences.”

Oprah With Meghan and Harry is on ITV at 9pm on Monday March 8. You can watch the full interview afterwards on the ITV hub.

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