Mastermind quiz questions – 15 of the best questions you'd hear on Mastermind

Comprised of a specialist subject and a general knowledge round, competitors battle it out to become the next Mastermind winner by answering some pretty difficult questions. Here is a selection of 15 questions from the legendary quiz show – let us know how many you get right in the comments below!


1. In 1803, America bought about 828,000 square miles of land, including most of the Mississippi valley, from France for just a few cents an acre. The transaction is known by what name?

2. The brandy sour cocktail is considered the national drink of which Mediterranean island?

3. The Parthenon was the chief temple of which Greek goddess?

4. Who acceded to the English throne at the age of nine on the death of his father, Henry VIII, in 1547?

5. In which city is the television comedy series, Cheers, set?

6.What’s the first name of the novelist son of the author Kingsley Amis? His books include Money, London Fields and Time’s Arrow

7. In chemistry, a solid that has dissolved in liquid to form a solution is known as the solute. What’s the corresponding term for the liquid?

8. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight and Everybody Hurts are tracks from the album Automatic For The People, which topped the UK chart in 1992. The album is by which American band?

9. Which film composer won Best Original Score Oscars for Jaws, Star Wars and Schindler’s List?

10. In which county was the Battle of Bosworth field fought in 1485?

6. Martin
7. Solvent
8. REM
9. John Williams
10. Leicestershire

11. Mendelssohn
12. Call On Me
13. Leicester
14. The shoulder blade
15. Cock a Leekie

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