Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert hits back at ‘rude’ viewers for branding new show ‘tosh’

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, 49, has addressed some backlash he received over his new ITV show, Extreme Savers. The star began by thanking viewers who enjoyed the programme, which included plenty of tips and hacks to cut back costs and save money.

However, he then spotted some complaints from fans who branded the show “tosh”.

Speaking out on the reaction to the programme in view of his 1.1 million Twitter followers shortly after it aired last night, Martin penned: “OK I’m signing off for tonight. 

“To the many who enjoyed #ExtremeSavers – great. 

“Its a nice change to do a softer, warmer, people focused show, rather than relentlessly giving info (tho I love that too).”(sic) 

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One person wrote: “Maybe you should do a guide on how to use a tv remote? If people dont like it, … shock, horror .. there’s always the option to y’know .. change channel or turn their tv off Was a cracking show as per usual fella.”(sic)

Another added: “Of many people on TV I believe Martin doesn’t have to justify anything to anyone!!! This man was saving us money long before anyone else and if u don’t like it don’t watch it!!!!”

A third fan commented: “Martin, there will always be haters. Chin up fella, the UK public love ya!”

A fourth penned: “Excited to watch this on catch up tonight! Just read some of the tweets to rude!”

One particular part of the programme that stunned viewers last night was when Charlotte Jessop, from Norfolk, revealed the surprising way she had saved her cash.

The former maths teacher shared how the family uses re-usable toilet roll.

She said on the ITV show: “It feels a little scary to start off with.

“We were using them as wet wipes for our kids and then we thought why should this change when they are out of nappies? If it’s good enough for them it is for us.”

Martin told viewers the family had saved £400 on loo roll with their idea.

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