Manchester United protests: Roy Keane says things at 'tipping point' ahead of Liverpool

“Generally, the Glazer family along with a number of other families of football owners in this country were kniving and scheming behind the rest of football’s back to walk away with the crown jewels and today we’ve seen people protest at that and the fact this game is delayed is because of that.”

And Jamie Carragher elaborated on what he was told by supporters inside the ground.

“The frustration with the ownership and I must say I’m obviously a Liverpool supporter in this stadium with Manchester United fans coming past me, but I do think in this situation, football rivalry goes out of this,” he said.

“Listen, it’s been peaceful, there’s no problem in the stadium, I’m unsure about outside the stadium, but it’s been a peaceful protest.

“They’re very unhappy with their owners, not just of what they’re doing in terms of buying a striker, or buying a player in the summer, I think as supporters and how they’ve been treated at this club and how they’ve gone about it. 

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