M6 motorway fly-tippers escorted by police to pick up rubbish dumped on hard shoulder

The group of men pulled up on the hard shoulder on Sunday and off-loaded bags of rubbish from the boot of a Volkswagen Passat. However, the men were spotted by Highways England CCTV camera operators. The location of the rubbish dumping was on the M6 motorway, between junctions 12 and 13 in Staffordshire.

Officers from the Central Motorway Police Group, the CMPG, caught up with the car the men were driving and stopped them.

The group were then escorted to the dumping site and made to clear away all of the rubbish themselves.

Traffic police located the men five miles away from the rubbish dumping site, on the motorway, between junctions 14 and 15.

The rubbish consisted of numerous bags left on a grass verge between junctions 12 and 13.

Officers from the Central Motorway Police Group officers then intercepted the vehicle between junctions 14 and 15 – and took them back to the scene.

Pictures of the fly-tippers were then posted on Twitter.

The images showed three men bending down to scoop up the rubbish.

The officers from the CMPG tweeted: “M6 J12 to J13 an eagle-eyed @HighwaysWMIDS who was monitoring the CCTV cameras notice the occupants of a Passat dumping rubbish in an ERA bay.

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“Serves you right, lads.

“Show us their faces next time.”

Another Twitter user, Jim Sanbrooke, responded: “Got everything they deserved.

“I hope they were fined as well.”

Another user of Twitter, Ann Williamson, wrote: “Brilliant!

“Should have got them to pick up everyone else’s rubbish whilst they were there.”

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