Lynsey Crombie shares bicarbonate of soda hack to remove burn marks from oven trays

Baking trays can burn extremely easily and can end up looking dirty, even when cleaned regularly. Removing the burn marks can be of huge annoyance, but cleaning sensation Lynsey Crombie has shared how using bicarbonate of soda will get your oven trays sparkling in no time.

This needs to be left for a few hours to work and can be repeated several times if needed.

Bicarbonate of soda can also be used in the bathroom and can be put on white grout to remove any dirt or mould that has grown.

You can pop it onto the end of a toothbrush and scrub it into the grout to bring it back to life. 

It can also be used to remove any smells from the washing machine, fridge or even the microwave.

Lynsey went on to share how you can use hot or cold water with this trick as it is the tea bag doing the cleaning.

Alternatively, dishwasher tablets are also great at helping to target stubborn stains.

Queen of Clean explained: “Again, just pouring in water, the tablet will start to disintegrate and while you’re eating your dinner, that’s going to clean that for you so you’ve got no need for scrubbing.”

Another top tip is to buy reusable oven liners if you don’t want to clean your oven every single day.

You can pop a couple of sheets in the bottom of the oven which will collect all of the food particles that drop down.

They can typically be placed in a dishwasher to clean and are super affordable to buy.

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