Lucy Alexander updates fans after suffering extreme pain from Covid jab 'I can't sleep'

BBC Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander, 50, has taken to Twitter to give her 38,200 followers an update on how she’s feeling after she received the Pfizer vaccine. Lucy dubbed the jab “painful” and said she was suffering from a “tender” arm, but was “grateful” to have received the life-saving vaccine.

The TV presenter wrote: “I can’t sleep. 1am …rain is lashing down & my arm is so painful from my Pfizer Covid jab.”

But almost a day after receiving her vaccine she gave her fans an update on how she was feeling.

The star also wrote that despite the pain she was “relieved” to have been given the first of two coronavirus vaccines.

Lucy continued: “Feel almost 100% back to myself now & apart from my tender arm I’m just sooooo relieved & grateful to have had it & not complaining.”

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However, Lucy was quick to quip back that the vaccine was worth a “few days of feeling off” to eradicate the virus.

She responded: “Couldn’t agree more. A few days of feeling off compared to the world being free of covid. #GetVaccinated.”

Last month Lucy took to Twitter to reveal that her dauGhter, Kitty, was suffering from “a few achy side effects” after receiving her first Covid vaccine.

Kitty would have been high on the priority list to have the jab as she has been left paralysed after suffering from a virus that attacked her spinal cord.

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