Louise Minchin 'filled with fear' as she makes car confession on BBC Breakfast

“So, we’re not talking about overs anymore, it’s just balls. You bowl 10 balls from each end and then you switch, you count down the balls on the big screen – there’s no use of overs and now they’re not using the word wickets either.” 

“What do you think about that?” Louise asked her co-host and he said: “Well, it’s big change and they’re using ‘Out’ which is an Americanisation, how they use it in baseball. 

“To give you an idea, you no longer say ’93 runs, 10 wickets, three overs’ you’ll say ’75 runs, from 60 balls, three outs’. So that’s the language.” 

“Three outs?” Louise repeated, confused and Dan laughed: “That’s a head shake from you there.” 

“Well, yes, rules are rules for reasons,” Louise explained. “I don’t play cricket but I do play golf, but you can understand why I’m intrigued about it.” 

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