Little Mix The Search: Which band was the hardest to create? 'Didn't know what to expect'


Little Mix: The Search continues this Saturday and Sunday (October, 10 and 11) on BBC One. This weekend, they are looking to for a girl dance group and a Rap R&B band but which band was the hardest out of the six to form?

Which band was the hardest to create?

Little Mix are looking for six groups, a Boy Band, a Girl Dance Group, a Girl Vocal Group, a Mixed Group, a Vocal & Instrument Group and a Rap R&B Group.

Little Mix will then decide the final line up for each band, who will then live together and have access to Little Mix’s vocal coaches, songwriters, choreographers and producers.

The girls will also act as mentors throughout the process.

In the coming weeks, the live shows for Little Mix: The Search will commence where the bands will go head-to-head in front of a live audience.

The winning band will then go on to support Little Mix on their Confetti world tour in 2021.

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“But mixed was like, ‘What is that gonna be like? What could it be?’ But I feel like that one luckily just kind of fell into place.

“And when we did workshop and stage, you kind of see the chemistry and the dynamics between the individuals.

“We can see two people getting on really well. We were like ‘they look great together’ and when they perform, they’re looking at each other and they’re giving it and they’re enjoying it and bigging each other up. And that’s what we were looking for.

“We were looking for the vocal, the dynamic. Do they sound great? Do they look good, Do they get on? We were looking for everything.

“So I think with the mixed group it kind of just happened, we just got lucky with that one, because they’re just great people as well.

“They’re fun. And they’re really lively on stage and you want to be involved, you want to be up there with them, having a party, which I think is a good thing.”

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Jade Thirlwall added: “When we first started, I was really excited about an instrument band because, that’s kind of what I was into.

“And I was excited about the idea of creating like a girl version of that but even though it didn’t kind of end up how I wanted to I’m still really excited about what we’ve created.

“And then the mixed group as well. I was excited about because I feel like it’s been a while since you’ve had that. And, if we get it right. I think that could be amazing.”

Leigh-Anne Pinnock reflected on what it was like to take the judging seat.

She said: “Being judged is definitely more stressful. I think it’s more like having their lives in your hands.

“That is a massive responsibility. And you can’t really prepare yourself for that.

“It’s intense, basically judging and like saying no, and kind of having their dreams in your hands. “

She added: “I feel like we really do give amazing advice and constructive criticism.

“And I feel like they have such a good experience on the show. Like even if they don’t get through. And it’s something they can take away with them.”

Little Mix The Search airs Saturdays and Sundays on BBC One.


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