Little Mix The Search: When did Little Mix win The X Factor?


“That is a massive responsibility. And you can’t really prepare yourself for that.

“It’s intense, basically judging and like saying no, and kind of having their dreams in your hands. “

She added: “I feel like we really do give amazing advice and constructive criticism.

“And I feel like they have such a good experience on the show. Like even if they don’t get through. And it’s something they can take away with them.”

Pinnock continued: “We didn’t really have [aftercare] on the show that we came from so, it was so important for us to make sure we had that in place.

“Because, I mean, we’ve all had no’s in our lifetime and it really does affect you.

“And I think what we want is to encourage them to try again and come back.

“Because it’s not over. Because you get one no… that does not mean by any means is that is over at all.

“It’s really important that we put that in place. Definitely.”

Jesy added: “I think instantly they [performers[ just feel at ease anyway because it’s us. And I think we instantly put them at ease.

“They also know we’ve been in the exact same experiences then so
that also makes them feel a bit like okay, so they understand that.

“That [aftercare] was so important to us and there is nothing worse than walking into an audition. Honestly, I just think it’s, it’s the worst experience ever.

“So we made it as fun as possible.”

Little Mix: The Search airs Saturdays and Sundays on BBC One


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