Line of Duty fans furious over final ‘H’ twist 'All these years for that pathetic ending?'

Fans took to Twitter as they reacted to the reveal of Ian Bucklles as H.

One viewer said: “If H turns out to be ponsey Ian Buckles…. then this finale will have to be up there with the travesty that was GOT final episode #LineOfDuty”

“Hate to say it but this is super underwhelming…” another added.

A third agreed saying: “#LineOfDuty has been one of the best TV series in the last ten years but I hate to say it, this season peaked midway and the finale feels like an anti climax.”

One more said :”I’m genuinely stunned at how BAD that was. ALL THESE YEARS for that pathetic limp ending??? #LineOfDuty.”

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