Lidl: Discounter crowned cheapest UK supermarket – beating Aldi by 3p

Discount retailer Lidl has taken the top spot in the latest supermarket analysis from Which?. With money being tight for many people this year, the consumer group has unveiled the cheapest spots to pick up groceries. 

Every day throughout March, Which? checked the prices of 20 essentials to determine which supermarket was the cheapest.

Products in the analysis included own-brand foods like apples, eggs and tomatoes as well as branded goods such as Hovis wholemeal bread. 

Lidl came out the cheapest at just £22.48 for the food while Aldi was shortly behind at £22.51. 

Asda was the cheapest big four supermarket, with the trolley priced at just £24.76.

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Natalie Hitchins, Head of Home Products and Services at Which?, said: “Many households have felt the pinch during the pandemic, and your weekly shop can have a significant impact on your wallet, so getting value for money has become more important than ever.

“Our analysis shows that the discounters do live up to their reputations, with Lidl and Aldi providing shoppers with genuinely cheaper baskets.”

The consumer group also compared prices between the supermarkets on a trolley packed with 85 items, the original 20 items plus 65 more.

This included a greater selection of branded items like Branston baked beans and Kleenex tissues.

Which? said: “We can’t compare exactly the same items each month because products aren’t always available at every retailer, but Asda has been the cheapest mainstream (non-discounter) supermarket for more than a year now, having claimed the title every month since January 2020.”

In February, Lidl was also crowned the cheapest supermarket with its 19 item trolley costing just £19.13.

Aldi was also second place at just £19.38 and Waitrose priced at the most expensive costing £27.44.

Supermarkets have stayed open throughout the entire pandemic due to selling essential items.

Customers who visit supermarkets for a grocery shop should check its rules and safety guidelines in place.

Food stores have regularly updated its coronavirus safety rules in line with government guidance.

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