Lewis Hamilton spins in testing again as Nikita Mazepin laughs at F1 world champion

Lewis Hamilton’s car was facing the wrong way again at the Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday following another uncharacteristic spin and Haas’ Nikita Mazepin nearly crashed into the Mercedes driver.

Hamilton beached his car in the gravel trap on Saturday after losing control heading into Turn 13.

And he was off the track once again in Sunday’s final testing session during an out lap on soft tyres.

Hamilton had been nursing his tyres around the track before putting the power on coming out of the final corner.

The seven-time world champion lost control of his car as it spun around on the main straight, and Mazepin was seemingly close to crashing into the British racing superstar.

“Hahaha I almost crashed into Lewis,” Mazepin said on team radio.

He was able to turn back around and get going again, but his flying lap was ruined with the tyres flat-spotted from the spin out.

It’s been a frustrating weekend for Mercedes as a whole with performance and reliability a problem on Friday.

Despite Hamilton’s issue on Saturday, there were signs of improvement as Valtteri Bottas finished fastest on the day.

Speaking about his spin on the second day of testing, Hamilton blamed it on the adverse weather conditions.

“It’s very gusty, as I found out into Turn 13,” he said.

“The rear doesn’t feel particularly great with this new regulation change but we are trying to find the sweet spot.

“It’s day two of testing so we’re just focused on doing our job and understanding the car so there is no point being worried just yet.”

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