‘Let’s get out!’ Frexit campaigner says EU in ‘bulldozer mode’ in fury at jab passports

Speaking on Monday, European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas announced plans for a Digital Green Pass to enable Europe’s safe opening “while preserving the sacrifices done so far”. However, former MEP Mr Philippot was deeply concerned at the prospect of more diktats being handed down from Brussels.

He tweeted: “The European Union in bulldozer mode to impose the #PassportSanitaire ‘from March’!

“From the start, the EU has been a lobbyist.

“Let’s get out of this instance as quickly as possible and free ourselves from its obligations, Macron and others! #Frexit”.

Jean-Patrick Arteault agreed, replying: “We must leave the EU for our salvation.

“And if our exit causes it to fall, it will be beneficial for all the other European peoples, even for the Germans in the street.”

In an apparent reference to the 2007 referendum which saw France refuse to ratify the EU constitution, Myron Marie said: “I don’t feel concerned … I don’t recognise the EU … I voted NO!”

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“Condemned to be a spectator of this scandal of the century.”

Speaking during an online press conference after an informal meeting of European Union (EU) health ministers, Mr Schinas said the package will be announced on March 17 at an EU summit focusing on travel and mobility and the lifting of restrictions.

He said the Digital Green Pass will include information on vaccination, test results and statements of recovery and will fully respect data protection, security and privacy.

He added: “The aim would be to set a common direction towards Europe’s safe opening.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted that the scheme “should facilitate Europeans’ lives” and “gradually enable them to move safely in the European Union or abroad for work or tourism.”

In addition to discussing the health passport proposals, ministers also discussed getting the EU’s vaccine rollout, as well as ways of combating the variants which are increasing across the continent.

Speaking last week, Mr Philippot pointed to a YouGov poll indicating just 36 percent of Britons now have a positive view of the EU.

He said: “This is normal: it is when you leave a sect that you really realise its horror and the harm it has done you.

“For the moment, we French are still in the sect with our crazy gurus. But it will come!”

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