Last Kingdom: Who did Eliza Butterworth enjoy filming with? 'They bring so much humour'


The Last Kingdom season four landed on Netflix earlier in 2020 and the series saw the Danes descend on Winchester. Aelswith was held captive in the kingdom, with her son Edward (Timothy Innes) relying on the help of Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) to drive the Danes out. Eliza Butterworth has spoken exclusively to about whom she enjoyed working with most.

Who did Eliza Butterworth enjoy filming with most on The Last Kingdom?

Aelswith became one of the fan-favourites of season four as she started her path to redemption.

Aelswith re-introduced Edward’s first wife Ecgwynn (Julia Brown) to her son Aethelstan (Caspar Griffiths) who had been taken from her at birth.

Following the death of her husband Alfred (David Dawson), Aelswith realised she needed to be around friends and allies.

However, tension grew amongst her family as Edward and his sister Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) fell out over a plan to defend Mercia.

Eliza Butterworth, Millie Brady and Timothy Innes are all the same age in real life, which has left fans baffled.

With Aethelflaed being the mother of Edward and Aethelflaed in the series, fans presumed the actress was much older.

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Butterworth spoke exclusively to about her best and worst moments during filming.

She said: “Luckily, as Eliza, I didn’t have any significantly embarrassing occurrences, however Lady Aelswith certainly experienced many ‘I told you so’ moments from Father Beocca and Father Pyrlig.

“[They] definitely put her in her place as only a sassy priest could do. I have no doubt the audience really enjoyed seeing Lady Aelswith becoming flustered over the fact that she was not always right when it came to the treatment of Uhtred through the years.

“I always adore filming any scenes with Ian Hart (Beocca) and Cavan Clerkin (Pyrlig) as they both bring so much humour and wit to the show.”

Fans were heartbroken when Beocca died at the start of season four, as he did indeed provide some well-balanced humour.

Father Pyrlig stepped up in Beocca’s place as Aelswith’s adviser, and he was quick to tell her when she was stepping out of line.

Butterworth said one of her favourite moments was her confrontation with Brida (Emily Cox) who had been driven mad following Uhtred’s betrayal.

She said: “There were so many incredible moments throughout season four but my favourite scene to film this year was the powerful confrontation between Lady Aelswith and the fearsome Brida in King Alfred’s hall in Winchester after the Danes seize Alfred’s land and threaten to destroy everything within it.

“I haven’t had many opportunities to act opposite the unbelievably talented Emily Cox so it was a true honour to share a scene with such a powerhouse of an actress.

“The scene demonstrated the rage, strength and pride between these two intelligent women who are both fighting for power, dominance and survival.”

The series has been praised for its portrayal of powerful and independent female leads, including Brida and Aethelflaed.

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Fans are waiting to find out what happens to Aelswith in season five, as she was very ill in the season four finale.

She had been held hostage in Winchester along with her daughter-in-law Aelflaed (Amelia Clarkson) and Aelflaed’s father Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller).

Aethelhelm had taken some poisonous plants from the gardens in the kingdom to poison Aelswith’s water.

At the end of season four she was seen looking very sick, and fans are curious to find out if she is dead or alive.

Fans have taken to Twitter to praise Butterworth, with one saying: “Deeply offended @elizabutter909 has not been acknowledged for her magnificent turn as Aelswith of Wessex in The Last Kingdom for the #Emmys2020.”

Aelswith had been considered as one of the ‘villains’ of the series, as she despised Uhtred.

She was also very controlling over her children and would not let Edward continue his marriage with Ecgwynn.

However, after Alfred’s death, she started to see the error of her ways and warmed to the idea of Uhtred as an ally.

By the end of season four, she trusted him enough to let him take care of Aethelstan, as she was too sick to protect him.

Butterworth said she had loved working with Brady and Innes in season four, saying: “I must be the luckiest actor on the planet to be able to work with Timothy and Millie.

“It’s really funny because obviously we’re all the same age in real life. So it’s fun that I get to play their mother because we are so close as friends that when it comes to playing these characters together, I have this added layer of intimacy.”

The Last Kingdom is available to watch on Netflix now


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