Last Kingdom: Is Sihtric's wife dead? The clue you missed


Tredecana said on Reddit: “In season four when the Danes are taking Mercia because Aethelred and the army are in the north, there is a woman who is killed and as she falls it shows that she has a necklace with a Thor hammer medallion, like the one Sihtric has.

“I’m pretty sure it zooms in on it too. I thought this was going to be a plot point of some sort but it seems like nothing went back to that, like it was just thrown in there. Did I miss something?”

Some fans suggested it was simply to illustrate how many of the Danish villages had suffered, with Salmonsid saying: “It was showing English retaking East Anglia from the Vikings. The girl was just a settler that they killed.”

However one fan, allgamerprogram, said: “Episode and time stamp? However if I remember correctly it’s Sihtric’s wife.”


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