Keir Starmer squirms as Sky News confronts Labour leader on 'hopeless' polling

Sir Keir Starmer’s ambition to take Labour back into No10 was branded “hopeless” during a car-crash interview on Sky News. Sky News’ political editor Beth Rigby left Sir Keir stumped when she asked whether Labour’s disastrous polling figures kept him awake at night. The interview came during a visit to Scotland ahead of the local elections, with Labour stuck in third place according to the latest polls.

Ms Rigby said: “Scotland is your biggest problem, isn’t it?

“Labour has never won a majority without Scotland.

“In the last election, you won one out of 59 seats.

“Is this your biggest problem as Labour leader? Is this the biggest barrier to getting back into No10 for Labour?”

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Sir Keir said: “Scotland is really important to me and the Labour Party.”

Ms Rigby fired back: “It’s a bit hopeless though, isn’t it?”

She pointed out that Labour was 13 points behind the Tories in the UK in the latest polls, and third place behind the SNP and the Conservatives in Scotland. 

The Labour leader responded: “These elections are important to the future of the UK.

“That’s why we have to improve the Labour vote in Scotland and rebuild trust and get back to winning ways here. We have a mountain to climb.”

The Labour leader’s net favourability has plummeted three points from February to as low as minus seven percent.

In contrast, Prime Minister Mr Johnson has seen his favourability rating rise by three points from last month to plus three percent.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director at Savanta ComRes, said: “With even Sir Keir Starmer admitting that the Conservatives are experiencing a ‘vaccine bounce’, it will come as little surprise that our Political Tracker paints a good picture for Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party.

“How long this can be maintained remains to be seen, but with Scottish and local elections, as well as the sure-to-be hotly-contested Hartlepool by-election looming, the Government may feel quietly confident of upsetting the apple-cart.”

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