Kate Middleton reinvents favourite polka-dot shirt to play table tennis with children

Kate Middleton and Prince William today marked Mental Health Awareness Week by carrying out various engagements in the West Midlands. A video was posted on the Royals’ Twitter account showing the couple taking part in different activities at a youth club in Wolverhampton.

This added a more interesting twist to the polka-dot shirt, and suggested that Kate is finding ways to renovate her current wardrobe without making major cahnges to it.

This could mean that the Duchess of Cambridge is mindful of fast fashion and wants to follow a more sustainable lifestyle.

It could also mean that she is aware of public opinion and budgets, as buying more clothes could make the Duchess seem out of touch and unrelatable to the British population.

Kate paired the blouse-on-blouse combo with a pair of black, wide-legged trousers and a black and gold crococdile print embossed belt.

On top of her outfit, the Duchess wore a long, dark blue coat.

This coat was unlike Kate’s usual thick wool coats with buttons, as it was plain and made of a thinner wool. 

It was more of a blazer than a coat as it had a long, wide collar and slim, narrow sleeves.

The Duchess completed the outfit with a pair of black, pointed boots.

As for jewellery, Kate wore drop-earrings that featured three small pearls stuck together dangling from gold hoops.

These were different to the Duchess’s usual pair of drop-earrings, which are also gold and have one shimmering pearl dangling from each of them. 

These often-seen pearl earrings are by British jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas.

Prince William matched Kate in a dark blue blazer, grey-blue trousers, and a black jumper over a pale blue shirt.

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