Kate Middleton praised as 'safe pair of hands in troubled times' for Royal Family

Prince William’s wife has been described as “a safe pair of hands” to the Monarchy thanks to her support to the Queen. The Duchess has stepped up her royal duties since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the Firm.

Speaking to Vogue, Claudia Joseph, author of Kate: Making of a Princess, claimed the Duchess is now “seen as a safe pair of hands in troubled times”.

Kate is also said to be a firm defender of Prince William’s family, with one commentator claiming the Duchess is “fighting back” following Meghan and Harry’s explosive allegations against the Firm during their landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Jenny Eclair, a comedian and commentator, has expressed her views on the so-called rift between the Cambridge’s and the Sussexes.

Writing in a column for The Independent, she said: “Kate, it seems, isn’t going to allow herself, William or her children to get walked over.

“She is fighting back, hence the charming, ‘we’re so ordinary despite being royal’ birthday snaps of Prince Louis’s third birthday.”

Kate is also said to be “less constrained” than Princess Diana as she prepares to become the next Princess of Wales, a role she will likely take on when the Queen’s reign ends and Prince Charles becomes King.

Royal expert Joe Little highlighted Kate and William’s opportunity to modernise the role due to being further down the line to the throne.

Mr Little, who is managing editor at Majesty magazine, told Express.co.uk: “It’s quite a difficult role to define at the moment with her husband not being the heir to the throne.

“William is the heir to the heir to the throne, so they are in a slightly advantageous position as they are able to adapt their roles in the way they think them appropriate and modern enough for the 21st century.

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