Kate Garraway’s heartbreak as she says husband Derek ‘disappears within himself’

Kate said she had to initially think about the logistics of bringing Derek home and having to care for him 24/7, but when he came through the door, it was an emotional moment for the entire family.

She recalled: “He definitely knows he’s home, it’s a huge thing.

“There were periods where I didn’t know if he knew who I was, and we would be caring for somebody who was effectively a stranger, which would be terrifying for him and strange for us.

“He definitely knows who I am, he definitely knows he’s home. He also can’t access the ability to say things, it’s a really strange place he’s in.

“Sometimes he can respond to extraordinary things, really specific things – he remembered the surname of our accountant randomly.

“The next minute he can’t speak, and he just seems to disappear within himself with a stare.”

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