Joe Biden backlash: Young Democrats turn against US President over 'undelivered' support

Mr Biden has come under fire from grassroots Democrats after appearing to put coronavirus support pledges on the “back burner”. The anger from younger members of the Democratic party comes amid the President’s decision to launch a bombing strike on targets in Syria, leading some to highlight the amount spent on Covid relief cheques compared with the money seemingly available to the Joe Biden administration for military action abroad.

Ben Calvert, a young Democrat from the State of Minnesota, spoke with CNN about Mr Biden’s “unkept promises” when it came to pandemic support payments for hard-up Americans.

He told the network: “They are putting that stimulus cheque on the back burner.

“They are putting the minimum wage hike on the back burner.

“They are dropping bombs on Syria right now, and those bombs are kind of expenses for a dude who owes me $2,000.”

Mr Biden authorised an airstrike on an Iranian-backed militia last month in Syria, in response to recent attacks on US and coalition personnel in Iraq.

The Pentagon confirmed at least one person died in the attack, which also destroyed nine structures, but the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed 22 people were killed.

Mr Biden told reporters the message he wanted to send to Iran was: “You can’t act with impunity. Be careful.”

An administration official claimed Mr Biden’s office contacted Iran following the attack.

Flight-tracking data showed the B-52s flew out of Minot Air Base in North Dakota, which Central Command did not mention.

It marked the fourth fly-over into the Middle East this year, and the second under the Biden administration.

Fly-overs with US bombers were commonplace under former President Donald Trump’s final few months in office.

Last year, Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., commander of US Central Command, said Iran poses the greatest threat to regional security and stability.

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