James Martin shocks viewers as he pours bacon frying fat into dressing 'deep fried salad'

James Martin appeared on This Morning cooking his self-proclaimed ‘perfect bank holiday brunch’. Viewers were quick to joke about his ‘healthy’ egg and bacon salad which featured deep fried eggs laced in bacon fat.

One viewer wrote: “Watching James Martin make a deep fried salad,” and another joked: “James Martin causing blood clots quicker than any vaccine!”

A third weighed in: “Egg and bacon salad! James just can’t do healthy can he,” and a fourth said “A little bit seems to be a new unit of measurement according to James Martin!”

However, some viewers were keen to give the salad a try. One joked: “That salad looks quite healthy compared to what James Martin normally cooks. I might give it a go.”

Another said: “James Martin’s egg and bacon salad looks truly delicious. A great alternative using egg and bacon. A credit to him.”

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James began by pan frying streaky bacon until crisp. Then, he put the bacon on a plate to the side, and fried sourdough pieces in the bacon fat to make croutons.

He then poured the leftover bacon grease into the French salad dressing.

For the deep-fried eggs, he boiled the eggs for six minutes, removed the shell, and dipped them in flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs. He then deep fried each egg for one minute until golden.

You can find the full recipe here.

He chuckled: “The bacon plays hide and seek and it wants to be chunky, like what people call me the first time they see me. Chunky.”

He has also said that he thinks everyone should have a deep fat fryer at home. He said: “I think everyone should have a deep fat fryer.

“Holly Willoughby – I got her to get a deep fat fryer. I even gave her a link of where to buy it from.

“I don’t know if she [got one]… I need to tell her next time.”

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