Ivanka Trump blasted as ‘mediocre child of legacy wealth’ after GAO report

The former First Daughter created at least 19 new women’s empowerment campaigns in 2019, including her renowned Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. However, a new report by the GAO has shone light on the programs’ failures, sparking backlash from critics.

The document confirmed that “there were at least 19 new women’s empowerment programs launched in 2019 as part of the program, but Politico explained that ‘there were extensive failures in both the targeting of the money, and the measurement of its impact.'”

Reacting to the report, Daily Beast columnist Erin Gloria Ryan wrote in the news website that Ms Trump had achieved nothing during her four years as advisor to President Donald Trump.

She wrote: “All this time, I’d been thinking of her as a deeply mediocre child of legacy wealth, a veritable American princess of unearned stature, who emerged from a four-year stint in the Trump White House with one sort of cool piece of legislation to show for it.

“In reality, she has emerged from her four-year stint in the Trump White House with nothing to show for it.

“I regret the error and have learned my lesson.”

The writer went on to highlight Ms Trump’s program’s biggest issues, such as entities failing to disclose how the money they received from the program was used.

She wrote: “The embarrassing report made six harsh recommendations to USAID, among them ‘identify the total funding,’ define what women-owned businesses are, and make sure that the data reported on the program is reliable in the future.

“In some cases, according to the report, money was distributed to programs that never reported on how the funds were used.

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