ITV's Peston skewers Sturgeon over 'irrelevant' independence point: 'Why vote SNP?!'

The SNP leader appeared on ITV’s Peston ahead of the Scottish elections next months, amid the points up for discussion was the amount of money Nicola Sturgeon’s party were offering the NHS in the event they form the next Scottish Government. Mr Peston pointed out that, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the amount of health spending being pledged in the SNP manifesto is actually less than that being offered in England, leading the ITV presenter to ask: “Why vote SNP?!”

Ms Sturgeon replied by suggesting Peston was “comparing apples and pears.” 

She claimed the comparison was like for like as the SNP manifesto spending commitments were set until 2026, unlike England where NHS funding has only been forecast up until 2023.

The SNP leader insisted the amount promised by the Scottish Government on health in the upcoming election was only the “minimum” and added that additional funding for the NHS north of the border could become available via the Barnett Formula.

Mr Peston fired back that this was an “irrelevant point” because, he argued, in an independent Scotland, the Barnett funding model would be ditched.

More to follow…

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