ITV News reporter erupts at hecklers in foul-mouthed rant – 'Gonna bang you out!'

ITV Central reporter Callum Watkinson filming in Broad Street, Birmingham when he became distracted. in a 53-second clip shared on Twitter, Mr Watkinson can be seen walking towards a man. has contacted to ITV Central for comment

He blasts “I’m not higher class than you mate, I’m just trying to do a job! Have you got a job?” to which the individual replies: “Yeah, I do.”

Mr Watkinson continues: “Well don’t f*** do it, and I won’t come into your work place and start f** with you.”

He adds: “You get me behind me again, I’m gonna f** bang you out.”

The video was shared by ImJustBrum.

Video filmed by ImJustBrum showed Mr Watkinson incensed after the broadcast.

Later, he says “Why don’t you go and get a job and then I’ll come behind you and start being an idiot” while dancing a jig.

Mr Watkinson continued: “Where do you work? Footlocker? Or McDonald’s?

“Mate how about sorry for trying to mess up my work? How about that? Do you know how hard it is to broadcast live to half a million people? Do you know how hard it is to concentrate?

“It’s quite hard, without someone in the back ground going ‘Ooh I’m on TV!’”

On social media, Twitter users mocked the reporter for being “absolutely rattled” by the group.

Others said he needed to “get a grip” after the intense exchange.

One user said: ”Guaranteed working at footlocker or McDonald’s is way more taxing than talking into a camera.”

Some users supported the reporter for standing up to the group, but others pointed out “it’s the chance they take’ filming live.”

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