'It's your duty as a citizen!' Nick Hewer in furious GMB row over litter louts

Nick Hewer joined other Good Morning Britain guests for a fiery debate over whether Britons should be paid to snitch on litter louts. Former Apprentice contestant Bushra Shaikh insisted that it was a “win-win” to pay people to snitch on others who leave litter. However, Mr Hewer strongly disagreed and insisted that while it is right to report people, reporting them for money is “disgraceful.”

The Countdown host told GMB: “Listen there is no one who is more obsesses with litter than me.

“I hate it! In fact, my partner Catherine says if I can’t calm down I am going to burst a blood vessel.

“It is the duty of a citizen to report in not for money.

“This isn’t Stasi East Germany.”

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