'It's crazy' Frexit leader dismantles EU's free movement as 'doomed system' fails workers

Speaking to French TV LCI, the Generation Frexit leader made a compelling case against Brussels and its suffocating competition laws dictated by the freedom of movement principle.

Mr Gallois, who is fighting for France to have a referendum on its membership to the bloc and follow Brexit Britain’s lead, argued French workers are now bearing the brunt of an increasingly struggling union.

He said: “Within the EU, France, which is one of the net contributors, finances its own off-shoring. Why? Because 2021, in addition to Brexit, with the increase in the EU budget, France’s net contribution to the EU budget reaches 3 billion euros, and it goes notably to Eastern European countries like Poland.”

In a staunch attack on the EU’s beloved free movement principle, he added: “There are people who still have that 1960s idea of the Europe that protects us. But it is not the case.

“Europe promotes in its treaties the free movement of both capital and goods.

“The French are not only competing with the Poles, but with everyone in the world.”

He added: “With the enlarged European Union, we put French workers in competition with foreign workers who are paid five times less. It is an economically doomed system.”

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“The conditions for belonging to the EU have changed a lot.

“Most of the migration policy corresponds to the EU, as well as many social and economic policies.

“And after Brexit, from 2016 to today, there has been an explosion in France’s financial contribution to the European Union.

“Whether we are for or against Frexit, it’s normal to ask people through a referendum. It is legitimate.

“It is democratic. That’s why we launched a campaign for a referendum on our membership to the EU.”

According to the latest Eurostat data, France has broken the record for the worst trade deficit in eurozone history last year.

The embarrassing slump sparked fury in France after both President Macron and the EU failed to provide solutions to an increasingly stagnating financial crisis in the bloc.

French analyst Nicolas Meilhan called it a “sad record” as he urged the French leader to make the issue his national priority.

He tweeted: “France has probably broken a sad European record: the worst trade deficit that a European state has ever recorded: -82.5 billion € in 2020.

“I really have a hard time understanding why the elimination of this record deficit is not THE national priority.”

Mr Gallois blamed the bloc’s internal market and common currency for the slump.

He said: “The joys of the euro and the total free trade imposed by the EU treaties.

“Relocation and re-industrialisation must be the number one priority!”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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