iOS 14 delayed release: iPhone users frustrated over 'missing' update


iPhone owners from across the globe have flooded social media with complaints about a perceived delay to the launch of iOS 14. For those who don’t know, iOS 14 is the latest major overhaul to the mobile operating system and brings a truckload of long-requested features, including homescreen widgets, replies to individual texts in iMessage, and the ability to change the default web browser from Safari to Google Chrome, to name a few,

In previous years, Apple has started the roll-out of its latest version of iOS around 6pm GMT / 10am PT / 7pm CEST. There was never any official launch date… but over the years this 6pm download time has become an open secret amongst the most enthusiastic iPhone owners. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened with iOS 14.

Of course, since the Californian technology firm has never publically committed to kickstarting the update at a particular time, it’s not an official delay. Instead, iPhone owners only believe something to be wrong because of thier experiences in previous years. Given that third-party developers were surprised when Apple confirmed that iOS 14 would launch today during its product showcase last night. Apple usually gives third-party developers one week to submit the final build of their apps so that the latest version of the software (usually optmised to work with the latest features in iOS, or at the very least, updated so that it continues to work with the new version of iOS) is available on iOS release day.

So many people have now taken to Twitter to bemoan the slower launch than previous years that iOS 14 is now trending. While it’s not unusual for the launch of new iterations of iOS to cause the software to trend nationwide… this typically happens because millions of iPhone owners are discovering the latest features and tweeting about their new favourite tweaks. The fact that iOS 14 is trending because frustrated iPhone owners cannot install the software isn’t ideal for Apple.

More to follow. Please refresh this page for the latest information. 


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