Indian-Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh Cooks Aloo Gobhi, Internet Is In Splits



  • Lilly Singh has over 9.5 million followers on Instagram
  • Lilly Singh hosted her own talk show in the year 2019
  • Lilly Singh is popular for her funny videos

Lilly Singh is inarguably one of the biggest faces of the Internet today. The 32-year-old became a sensation on YouTube after her viral videos on Indian parents abroad. In 2019, she also bagged her very own talk show ‘A Little Late With Lilly Singh’, where she interviewed a string of popular Hollywood celebrities, becoming the first person of Indian or South Asian descent to do so. Forbes also named her one of the 40 most powerful people in comedy in the year 2019.

On Wednesday Morning, the YouTuber posted an Instagram reel on how to make the quickest and easiest aloo gobhi and needless to say, the video is a laugh riot. “Get your mom to stop nagging you.. learn how to make one decent meal. Very quick and easy aloo gobi recipe for your face fam. You hear that? It’s my imaginary sass bragging about me… but not too loudly because I added too much water but WHATEVER FAM”, she wrote in the caption.  

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Interspersed with 90’s Bollywood songs and pop-cultural references, the recipe is video is nothing like the recipe videos and cooking tutorials you have seen so far. To make the delightful version of the recipe, all you need are two potatoes, a chopped onion, chopped cauliflower, water, garam masala, salt, coriander, cumin powder and lemon juice. Here’s the quirkiest recipe video of aloo gobhi ft. Lilly Singh. Another trick you may want to steal from her, is steaming the potatoes and cauliflower beforehand to cut down on the cooking time later, genius right? Do tell us what you think in the comments section below.  


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