Ian Buckells is NOT H after Line of Duty fans unearth his previous blunder?

“No comment,” Buckells chimed. 

“You rose through the ranks all right, leaving a trail of blunders behind you,” Hastings added. “How some people can fail upwards – beggars belief. And all the time we were here thinking we were chasing some criminal mastermind. 

“But no, just like your old boss Thurwell, who botched the Lawrence Christoper murder inquiry, your corruption was mistaken for incompetence!” Hastings shouted. 

“Your cover was so convincing that even your DCI, Jo Davidson didn’t realise that the blundering fool she was framing was actually the person who was pulling her strings all along.” 

Buckells finally said: “Yes, right, I’m a blundering fool. I’m only the one who’s made total mugs out of you lot.” 

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