'I got stricken with things that were not so good' Brian May speaks out on health woes

The Queen guitarist, 73, told his social media followers in May 2020 that he had suffered a minor heart attack, despite believing he was a “very healthy guy”. The rockstar was admitted to hospital and had three stents fitted to open up blocked arteries.

Initially, the Hampton-born star was admitted to hospital after suffering from a tear on his gluteus maximus, before medical staff discovered he also had a compressed sciatic nerve.

Despite believing he was a “healthy guy” with normal blood pressure and a great heart rate, the We Will Rock You star said that during the “whole saga of the painful backside” he suffered a small heart attack.

Speaking to his Instagram followers, Brian said that he had had “40 minutes of pain” across his chest, as well as tightness and constant sweating.

Upon realising he was suffering a heart attack, his doctor instantly rushed him to hospital for further tests.

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Now, the musician has revealed that he has recovered from the ordeal as he hinted that the band may be heading on tour next year.

Speaking on the Rock This with Allison Hagendorf podcast, Anita Dobson’s husband said: “I have to harden up the finger ends – that’s one thing.

“But also, yeah, fitness is a big deal, I started to get fit on the last tour but unfortunately, I got stricken with things that were not so good.”

Brian went on to add: “I had a big heart attack thing going on.”

Brian’s admission comes after he teased fans, saying that Queen are attempting to record new music with singer Adam Lambert, who provides vocals for the band.

Speaking of new music, Brian said: “Yeah, we did have a little play around, we didn’t actually finish anything to our satisfaction. It has to be perfect, it has to be great when we come out with something but, yeah, it could happen.”

Drummer Roger Taylor added: “I’d like it to happen, but as Brian said, it’s gotta be really great.

“It can’t be ordinary, and I think we’d all feel very disappointed if it came out and everybody went, ‘Hmmm…’ It’s got to be good.”

The pair recently addressed Adam Lambert taking to the stage to provide vocals for the group, with Roger saying: “He’s been nothing but a pleasure since we’ve been working together.”

While the group have started recording new music together, Brian praised Adam, noting that Adam brings his own voice to the group, rather than attempting to imitate Freddie Mercury.

“He’s able to rise to the challenge of interpreting every one of those songs and making them something special, even in the light of history,” said Brian.

Queen are currently scheduled to take to the road next year, performing in arenas across the country, after their 2020 Rhapsody Tour had to be postponed in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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