How to wallpaper a chimney breast

How to wallpaper a chimney breast

You don’t need to hire a professional paperhanger to do the job, The Home Genie has explained exactly how to wallpaper your chimney breast with no fuss.

First things first, make sure your wall surface is clean and free of any dents or bumps as these will always show once you’ve papered.

Georgina said: “Then, measure the width and height (including height from the shelf to ceiling) so you know how much paper you will need – remember if it has a pattern this will need to meet at the sides.

“Always add 10 to 15cm of excess to the length for trimming at the end.

“You’re going to start in the middle so you then need to mark a vertical chalked plumb line half the width of the paper away from the centre of the chimney breast.”

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