How often to clean everything in your bathroom – from towels to bath mats

Toilet brush

Your toilet brush needs to be washed every seven days and replaced every six months.

Mr Paterson said: “Whenever you use a toilet brush, you should rinse it with the water from the flush.

“Then, let the brush air dry by closing the toilet lid and letting it drip into the bowl. However, to wash the toilet brush: soak it in a mixture of boiling water and bleach, then let it drip dry once a week.”


Your shower needs to be super clean to ensure you’re washing your body without picking up germs as you go.

Drench’s experts and Mr Paterson recommend giving your showerhead a thorough cleaning every week and replacing it every six to eight months.

Mr Paterson said: “Every time we shower, the hot water disperses scum into the air.

“It has also been found that metal showerheads appear to be more resilient to germs, compared to plastic counterparts.

“Each week, you can give the showerhead a deep clean with the bag
and white vinegar method.

“Showerheads buildup sediment from tap water, alongside bacteria and mould.”

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