Holly Willoughby horrified as BGT star, 5, sent death threats: ‘Just so, so horrible’

Back in 2020, Britain’s Got Talent viewers were blown away when choir Sign Along With Us performed This is Me to a standing ovation in their first audition. Led by Jade and younger brother Christian, the group finished runners-up in the ITV contest and were on the receiving end of David Walliams’s Golden Buzzer. On Tuesday, Jade, her mother and Christian joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to discuss how, despite warming the hearts of the nation, the five-year-old has been the subject of horrific online trolling for his disabilities.

Christian, who was just four when he took to the stage with his sister on BGT, has become a victim to “vile, stupid keyboard warriors,” as Phillip put it, since the show.

Jade explained to the This Morning pair: “Obviously Britain’s Got Talent has been an amazing journey for all of us, a once in a lifetime experience.

“But then with getting more followers, you get so many more supporters, but you obviously get more trolls and them awful comments,

“And unfortunately for us, they’re all at Christian, not us, they’re aimed at Christian – he’s five-years-old!”

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Jade’s mum weighed in: “It’s so cowardly, they don’t aim it at Jade, it would be wrong to aim it at Jade as the adult, but it’s all aimed at the five-year-old who’s done nothing to deserve anything.”

Phillip then added to the discussion to blast the “vile” trolls before he probed: “What have they said?”

Speaking candidly, Jade and Christian’s mum detailed the horrific messages: “So, it’s lots of like disability slur words.

“The one beginning with ’S’ and the one beginning with ‘M’,” she added.

“I’m so sorry, I really am,” Holly said to her tearful guests. “Not that that makes any difference,

“But it’s just so horrible,” the This Morning host added.

Later in the chat, Phillip and Holly also welcomed Katie Price to the discussion as they spoke about how the vile abuse online needs to be stopped.

And hundreds of viewers at home were similarly disgusted by the horrific nature of the messages aimed at the BGT star’s way.

Taking to Twitter following the segment, one voiced: “#ThisMorning stop trolling – I’m crying my eyes out for the 5 year old boy – thank you Phillip and Holly for trying to address this @Schofe @hollywills xxxx.”

A second was similarly in tears: “@thismorning it has brought tears to my eyes to hear how the amazing BGT kids are being trolled online. There has to be a way to find these keyboard morons.”

“You must have a pretty sad and depressing life if you troll a 5 year old child, or anyone in that matter. #Bekind #thismorning,” blasted a third.

While a fourth firmly put: “@JadeKilduff Right now I’m watching This Morning. Am in tears now and angry at what trolls are writing about your gorgeous little man! Something HAS TO BE DONE!!! Love and hugs to you and your family.”

This Morning continues weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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